Escrow Services

Whether you are completing an acquisition or resolving a bankruptcy issue, our dedicated professionals are here to help with all your escrow needs.

Our Streamlined Approach to protecting your assets

When completing a business transaction which requires a third party agent, we are here to assist you by offering:

  • Prompt review process and account opening
  • Standardized agreements
  • Local administration
  • Numerous investment options for escrowed funds, as directed
  • Safe keeping and custodial services for securities
  • Filing all necessary tax forms with tax authorities

Efficient Review Process

We react quickly to your needs. In most cases, we can review your escrow agreement and open the escrow account on the very same day.

Investment Options

We offer a full range of investment options, including customized portfolios set up in accordance with the investment provisions established in the escrow agreement.

Standardized Agreements

To assist in reducing legal cost, we offer standardized escrow agreements that meet most common business transactions.

  • Standard escrow agreement
  • Acquisitions escrow agreement
  • Subscription escrow agreement

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